Abundant God // Generous Church

A time to celebrate, review and commit to our future

During the month of August there is an invitation for the whole of Southside UC to focus on Abundant God // Generous Church. Our worship will focus on stories of God’s immense grace from the early chapters of John’s Gospel. On Sunday August 20th, we will gather for lunch and hear stories of generosity and grace, and there will be an invitation to review our giving and serving to the growth of God’s kingdom in and beyond Southside UC.

Sometimes when we hear the word ‘stewardship’ our thoughts turn to ‘oh money, again!’. Maybe we think of time, and talents. But stewarding is much, much bigger than even that. Made in the image of God, we have been entrusted to be faithful stewards of God’s creation. Our failures are redeemed through the saving work of Jesus, we are restored and enabled to be involved in the act of reconciling the world back to God. (2 Cor 5:17). Once we start thinking of stewardship in this way, we begin to move away from the world’s view that there is never enough, to understanding that with God, there is always more than enough! With God, all things are possible!

The brochure outlines some of the ways God has blessed us in the past year, and some of our priorities for the coming 12 months! There is information that offers an opportunity to pray about the ways we can give and serve. You will also receive an invitation to the lunch. I look forward to hearing how God has been blessing each one of us in our discipleship!




Episode 1 - Introduction

Six people who serve in the life of Southside Uniting Church introduce themselves and share where they serve

Episode 2 - Why I Serve

Six people share why they serve as a part of Southside Uniting Church.

Episode 3 - The Joy I Receive from Serving

Six people share the joy they receive by serving as a part of Southside Uniting Church.

Episode 4 - How I Have Grown

Six people share how they have grown while serving as a part of Southside Uniting.

Episode 5 - How I Encourage Others to Serve in this Area?

Our six people share how they encourage others to serve as a part of Southside Uniting Church.

Episode 6 - How I Have Been Surprised.

The final episode in our Abundant God // Generous Church focus six people share how they have been surprised when serving in the areas they serve in.